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Applications for industry

We develop various applications for industry based on AutomationX, Siemens S7, C/C++, MSSQL and many other popular program languages. Starting with smallest control systems up to complete industrial control systems.

We deliver complete switchcabinets - ready for use -, it is always our target to find the most effective and - at the same time - most economical solution for our customer.

We deal with the automation of all kind of plants - first and foremost. Another focus is the weighing and dosing technology. With the application of most innovative software technologies and outstanding batch management systems we are able to react on all kind of requirements in a flexible way.

You are provided with the entire program sources. The disclosure of our applied systems enables you as customer - independent of us - to adjust and alter the control parameters.

We are independent of hard- and software. Thus, we are able to cover all your demands and find the optimum solution for your issue.

On request we are able to do remote diagnostics. The high level of integration of the controls allows us to locate and correct most problems. This saves costs by, on the one hand, the high availability of the machine, on the other hand, by the low cost of troubleshooting.

Planning – Steering – Operating – Watching – Communicating – Analysing – Optimising