Technical service – Profibus analysis

We apply the most efficient analyser for PROFIBUS DP- and PA networks which is currently available. It is the fundamental analyser of the latest generation, for the first time all functions needed are united in one single tool:

  • online-Profibus monitoring
  • analysis of telegrams
  • identification of bustopology
  • analysis of signal quality
  • Profibus Master functions
  • high speed digital oszilloscope

Profibus analysis

With a software package and the appropriate hardware we are able to check the complete PROFIBUS network and find the source of defect. This means an enormous reduction of equipment, weight and costs.

Typical sources of defect like background noise, reflection, voltage drop, termination problems, double addressing, cable breaks or configuration errors can be identified without any problems.

Accidental failures like overshooter, faulty telegrams, repeated telegrams and error diagnosis are detected and registered.

The result can be exported as detailled or industrial standard report. In fact, this way a provident maintenance management of equipment is possible now.